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Our Strategic Engagements Eliminate The Challenges Facing Business.

Our team of Certified Lean Six Sigma Professionals have partnered with many leaders within almost any industry and organization. No challenge, large or small has ever been too much for our team to tackle. 

Why we partner with you on your Lean journey.

See why we engage with you and share our knowledge about the proven Lean methods used to transform organizations, businesses and individual lives.

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We Work To Understand Your Needs

We work with leadership to understand business needs, align them to strategic projects, and build a plan to train, coach, and together we execute. This approach allows for the building of an infrastructure within the organization as we transfer knowledge and set a solid foundation for years of sustainability.

These engaging and strategic methods ensure proper execution of projects, from “Rapid Execution” Kaizen Events,  to medium size organizational and large enterprise wide Lean projects resulting in 10% -30% reduction of operating inefficiencies while improving market share, increasing capacity and delivering customer satisfaction on products and services. 

Depending on the size, complexity and scope of the engagement, our team usually partners with organizations for 2, 3 or 6 months.

We take on many roles when conducting engagements. These can be:

  • Having our team train the organization and then mentor them through successful project completion.

  • After leadership has identified challenges and barriers to the organization. Let our Lean Revisions team of experts lead the way and eliminate operational issues while engaging stakeholders and  the workforce as needed for support (5%-10%).

  • Conduct a blended approach, where chosen current and future leaders within the organization are % dedicated to work hand in hand as we prioritize and execute improvements. This allows for your team to have dedicated Belts that are training the Lean tools, transferring knowledge and skills. With this partnership, your infrastructure will be solid and ready to continue implementing positive change after we roll off.

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Tell Us Your Challenges And Together We Will Tackle Them.

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A timely and valuable topic.  The cultural aspects of a continuous improvement mindset is often neglected in favor of implementing tools, so this is a good introduction to those looking to start or revive a continuous improvement program. "

- Dr. Mark C., Principal, Process Excellence Partners LLC

" I am thrilled and proud to say I have earned my ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt! Through the Lean Revisions / Bellingham Technical College’s yellow belt course, I was able to hone my skills and understand what it takes to be certified. "

" Anyone who knows #leansixsigma knows that once you learn about it you can’t stop using it. I have been using it since my days at WWU, and can’t wait to continue practicing in my professional (and personal) life! "

- Jessica Reed, ASQ CSSYB, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Professional

Our Process

Example: 8 Week Engagement Timeline for Execution

1st Week

Analyze current data and KPI metrics.

Meet with the leadership team and give an overview of project deliverables and timeline.

Conduct 4, 2hour Zoom or on site Exec. Leadership sessions to gather management Voice of the Customer (VOC), align people and projects.

Develop workforce Lean workshop training plan.

Develop Project Launch Plans Including:

  • Project business case
  • Deliverables
  • Timelines
  • Goals
  • Business and financial benefits.

Weeks 2-4

Train waves of Yellow and Green Belts on the Lean tools and methods.

Map Critical Business Processes.

Validate measurement system, analyze current metrics, and gather additional metrics as needed.

Coach, mentor and support Yellow and Green Belts to successfully execute Kaizen Events and larger scale projects (GB) that include:

  • A3 Charter with project deliverables, timelines, goals and realized financial project impact
  • Re-engineering and design methods
  • Metrics aligned to KPI’s and data analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • 5S, Line Balancing, Visual Management
  • JIT, Pull Planning and Production
  • Risk mitigation
  • Current and future state process mapping and Value Analysis
  • Implementation, controls and sustainment

Week 3-6

Engage stakeholders and SME’s and execute quick hit opportunities utilizing Kaizen and Yellow Belt level “Rapid Execution” approach.

Mentor Green Belts on enterprise projects.

Week 7-8

Re-evaluate projects and Kaizen successes.
Evaluate larger scale projects and scoped Kaizen Events for future or next wave of engagement.

On-going through length of engagement

Establish standards, metrics and Service Level Agreements (SLA's) throughout execution of Kaizen’s and projects.

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