Lean Six Sigma For Businesses Owners / CEO’s

It all starts here.  You need senior leaders who are true executive advocates for Lean Six Sigma.  This is especially critical during the early stages of the deployment, when you are deciding and supporting which current and future leaders will be trained, begin executing projects and develop a sustained culture of operational excellence. It leads the transformation when the President or CEO consistently states that Lean Six Sigma is one of the key enablers of our strategy.  Additionally, when the chief executive strongly suggests that the path to future leadership positions goes through Lean Six Sigma, it sends a powerful message.

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Why we partner with you on your Lean journey.

See why we engage with you and share our knowledge about the proven Lean methods used to transform organizations, businesses and individual lives.

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Our Process For Business & Organization Leaders

As a business ready to engage in a Lean Six Sigma deployment – here are a few questions to help guide you with your decision:

⦁ Do you believe there are opportunities within your organization to optimize your operations and become more efficient, reduce operational expenses, waste, and grow revenue?
⦁ Implementing Lean Six Sigma in your organization is not an ‘addition to’ current operations and responsibilities, it is a way of doing business. We work with leadership and employees to organically incorporate Lean methods into current operations. Is the organization ready to commit resources to optimize operations?
⦁ Are leaders within the organization capable of managing change and in a position to develop a cultural shift to continuous improvement?
Kotter & Heskett: Study of 207 firms over an eleven year period as reported in their book Corporate Culture and Performance. The benefits and growth of Lean Implementation are very impressive when led by management and implemented across the entire enterprise.

If you have answered “yes” to these three questions – you are ready for the first step to deploying Lean Six Sigma within your organization –


The Gemba Walk. Our complimentary Gemba Walk is where we walk with leadership through your operations and talk to employees to discover and verify where there is room for improvements.

Step 2

With this information – Lean Revisions will report findings, recommendations and propose a strategy to engage with your organization. These recommendations and strategy vary with every organization and our tailored specifically to obtaining the goals and needs of leadership. This begins the course of action to commence implementing Lean Six Sigma tools and a continuous improvement culture into your organization.

Step 3

Is to have a meeting with the leadership team (Executive Champion Meeting) to review or establish Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s), operational metrics, project opportunities that align with KPI’s, prioritize opportunities, and identify the candidates that will be trained and begin executing improvements of the prioritized projects.

Step 4

We build a partnership with your leaders and employees to educate and apply Lean Six Sigma methodologies/tools specific to your organization. We assist with tracking the fiscal recovery, impact of operational improvements to the organization, customers and your products and services. Our proven approach will develop a foundation within your organization to realize long term sustained optimization, customer loyalty, employee engagement and revenue growth.

“Costs do not exist to be calculated. Costs exist to be reduced”. Taiichi Ohno - – Father of Toyota Production System (Lean)

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A timely and valuable topic.  The cultural aspects of a continuous improvement mindset is often neglected in favor of implementing tools, so this is a good introduction to those looking to start or revive a continuous improvement program. "

- Dr. Mark C., Principal, Process Excellence Partners LLC

" I am thrilled and proud to say I have earned my ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt! Through the Lean Revisions / Bellingham Technical College’s yellow belt course, I was able to hone my skills and understand what it takes to be certified. "

" Anyone who knows #leansixsigma knows that once you learn about it you can’t stop using it. I have been using it since my days at WWU, and can’t wait to continue practicing in my professional (and personal) life! "

- Jessica Reed, ASQ CSSYB, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Professional

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