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Enhance Your Skills With Our Blended Learning Hybrid Workshops.

Blended learning, which mixes traditional face-to-face education with technology, has become increasingly popular for individuals,  businesses, and educational institutions over the years. This style of learning provides a way for trainers to engage students through visuals, exercises and online engaging interaction.

Why we partner with you on your Lean journey.

See why we engage with you and share our knowledge about the proven Lean methods used to transform organizations, businesses and individual lives.

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Our workshops are for all learning styles.

No matter what your learning style is, our workshops consist of team breakout sessions for exercises, videos, presentations and real world applications. 

These workshops are taught at convenient times in small blocks so attendees digest and apply Lean tools and methods to case studies or actual projects they bring to sessions.  

Our proven methods set up individuals, organizations and business entities for long term sustained operational performance. We are not a burn and churn organization that teaches tools and methods and moves along to the next workshop.

We build a partnership with everyone we work with to ensure your valuable time with us meets your needs and expected deliverables.

Check out our roadmap for success and choose your path to begin. All you need is a device that connects to the internet, then let the journey begin.

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Give Us Your Time And We'll Expand Your Mind.

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A timely and valuable topic.  The cultural aspects of a continuous improvement mindset is often neglected in favor of implementing tools, so this is a good introduction to those looking to start or revive a continuous improvement program. "

- Dr. Mark C., Principal, Process Excellence Partners LLC

" I am thrilled and proud to say I have earned my ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt! Through the Lean Revisions / Bellingham Technical College’s yellow belt course, I was able to hone my skills and understand what it takes to be certified. "

" Anyone who knows #leansixsigma knows that once you learn about it you can’t stop using it. I have been using it since my days at WWU, and can’t wait to continue practicing in my professional (and personal) life! "

- Jessica Reed, ASQ CSSYB, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Professional

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