Operating Rooms: Kaizen Rapid Execution


Clean Core is experiencing stock outs and excessive on hand inventory levels during the end-to-end supply cycle.


Eliminate stock outs and balance and level inventory to appropriate levels.

Current OR Clean Core Layout.


Proposed New OR Clean Core Layout.



  • Implementing KanBan,
  • VM & FIFO will eliminate 15k loss for expired items on a monthly basis = $180,000 annually 
  • Reducing supply PAR levels to correct size will eliminate overstock, over ordering and contribution to expired items = $65,000 
  • Reclaiming misplaced/found surgical items = $235,000 
  • Over stocked items reclaimed to SPD or warehouse = $36,000
  • Obsolete supplies removed from pick list and not ordered = $78,000
  • Items reclaimed and sold or donated = $180,000
  • Labor time reduced to search and find items = $16,000
  • General equipment reclaimed to warehouse other areas = $48,000
  • Total  Project savings = $838,000
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