Electronics Parts

Electronic and Mechatronic Part Solutions


Client needs to increase its throughput, and reduce the failure rate. These issues are causing the client to be overstaffed and waste space. Current Failure Rate is 94%, reducing this will increase throughput at the same time.


  • Streamline the Reman process to increase throughput by at least 20%
  • Reduce unnecessary foot travel by 80%
  • Better inventory part control
  • Increase throughput capacity for future projects
  • Regain floor space for future projects
  • Reduce movement and non-value added tasks
  • Free up FTEs from Cluster dept. for other tasks




  • Increased Reman throughput capacity by $720,000 per year
  • Regained sq. footage valued at over $8,700 per year
  • Freed up 5 FTEs, saving us over $229,000 per year in the Clusters dept.
  • Decreased our first time failure rate from a dismal 95% to 6%
  • Overall value of savings is over $893,000



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