Door Cell: Kaizen Rapid Execution


The Class 8 Semi Truck manufacturer was experiencing waste, rework, high inventory levels and missed shipping schedule requirements. This was creating excessive overtime, expensive expedites and cost over runs.


Eliminate overtime, waste, rework, expedites and re-engineer door cell to JIT pull system of production.



Engaged Door Cell workforce to execute a Kaizen Rapid Execution Event to re-engineer processes and procedures.
• Established a single piece JIT door flow
• Balanced and leveled takt time within cell
• Reduced processing time from 8 hours to 4 hours per daily build
• Reduced inventory and staged to what is needed, where it is needed, when it is
needed in the right levels
• Reduced cell personnel from 6 to 4 so they could add value to other needed
manufacturing processes
• Eliminated over production and costly expedites

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