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We offer 1 on 1 Consulting and Mentoring to Leaders of Change, for Individuals, and any Industry or Organization

Becoming a Lean Leader can sometimes be a challenge. Having a strategic plan, support, and the skills to lead and implement change is where we come in.

Why we partner with you on your Lean journey.

See why we engage with you and share our knowledge about the proven Lean methods used to transform organizations, businesses and individual lives.

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Our 1 on 1 consulting sessions are geared to your needs.

We partner you with one of the Lean Revisions experts who has the experience to help you reach your vision.

They will listen, understand and learn where you are and where you want to be. What is your “Ideal Final Result” (IFR)?

Your sessions are confidential and will never be shared outside of the conversation.

The path we take is exactly what you need to help you move forward efficiently and effectively. This allows you to impact more people, earn more money, and live a life of contentment and success.

Our 1 on 1 Consulting sessions are the best option if you’re...

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  • An individual who’s ready to play a bigger game and get better results: more impact, more income, more life balance.

  • At the beginning of your Lean journey and want plenty of individualized attention as you embark on your new venture.

  • A leader at any stage of business, and have tried to figure Business Process Excellence out by yourself, but haven’t been able to reach your goals (or even identify your goals).

  • Willing to try new ways of doing things, and understand that growth in business goes hand in hand with personal growth.

  • Committed to reaching your goals sooner – rather than never – and want to gain the skills and strategy to make it happen.

  • Inspired by a challenge and take full responsibility for your actions; you’re looking for a mentor, not a savior.

  • Ready to let go of struggling, and feel more in the flow of your business and life. Hard work? Yes. Suffering? Nope.

Choose Your Game And We'll Develop Your Playbook.

1 1 Consulting Testimonial


A timely and valuable topic.  The cultural aspects of a continuous improvement mindset is often neglected in favor of implementing tools, so this is a good introduction to those looking to start or revive a continuous improvement program. "

- Dr. Mark C., Principal, Process Excellence Partners LLC

" I am thrilled and proud to say I have earned my ASQ Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt! Through the Lean Revisions / Bellingham Technical College’s yellow belt course, I was able to hone my skills and understand what it takes to be certified. "

" Anyone who knows #leansixsigma knows that once you learn about it you can’t stop using it. I have been using it since my days at WWU, and can’t wait to continue practicing in my professional (and personal) life! "

- Jessica Reed, ASQ CSSYB, Manufacturing & Supply Chain Professional

Our Process

Example: 8 Week Engagement Timeline for Execution


What is happening?

Tell me about this process step.


What is challenging about it?

Tell me about this process step.


What is challenging about it?

Tell me about this process step.


What have you done, tried, or considered?

Tell me about this process step.


What is the impact on you, your team, or the business?

Tell me about this process step.


What are your ideal outcomes?

Tell me about this process step.


What would the CEO, board, or shareholders want to see happen?

Tell me about this process step.


What would have to change to make that happen?

Tell me about this process step.

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